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Group photo at Thomas' going away party - July 2009

Standing (left to right): Cintia Hongay, Ying Unhavaithaya, Sharon Li, Zachary Whitfield, Jared Nordman, Noa Sher, Helena Kashevsky, Jessica Von Stetina, Maryia Lu, Raissa Fomina, Satto Tonegawa, Claudia Ware

Seated (left to right): Iva Kronja, Terry Orr-Weaver, Cristina Nogueira, Thomas Eng, Jane Kim

Party and lab reunion for Terry's election to the National Academy of Sciences - May 2006

Standing (left to right): Sharon Bickel, Julie Claycomb, Jane Kim, David Doroquez, Leah Vardy, Irena Ivanovska, Astrid Clarke, Chin Chin Yao

Seated (left to right): Janice Lee, Lena Kashevsky, Fang Xie, Terry Orr-Weaver, Jillian Pesin, Tamar Resnick